Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are you recognized as an expert?
A: Yes, I am recognized and court-qualified, and have testified over 80 times in federal and state courts, and in arbitrations.

Q: This signature doesn’t look right…is it forged?
A: Discovering the truth about whether or not it is forged requires a process of comparing known signature samples (“exemplars”) with the questioned signature. After my evaluation of the evidence, I will provide you with an opinion regarding its genuineness.

Q: I’ve never used a handwriting examiner before. What do I need to get started?
A: You’ve taken the first step in coming to my website. Please contact me for additional guidance.

Q: Can you tell us who wrote this anonymous note?
A:Depending on the evidence, yes. And the evidence may provide a basis for telling who didn’t write the note.

Q: I don’t have the original document. Can I provide copies or digital images?
A: Yes, you may provide copies of your evidence. However, if available, it is preferable to examine originals which may reveal forensic details and be useful as the basis of a higher confidence level of expert opinion.

Q: Is my item authentic or is it a fake?
A: When examining memorabilia, historical artifacts or found items, etc. I use specialized equipment to reveal information that will help to identify whether or not it is authentic or a fake. Please go to my Free Resources page to read about my examination of a vintage baseball card (Honus Wagner) and an artifact from the Titanic and more.

Q: Can you tell about someone’s personality by looking at their signature?
A: No, I don’t provide personality assessment using handwriting. Although “graphology” is the study of handwriting, there are three distinct divisions of graphology: Experimental, Forensic and Character. You are asking about character graphology which is not my specialty. My specialty is working with handwriting to determine authorship in a forensic capacity.