Discover the true forensic value of the evidence in your case and find out what to do next.

Be assured, whether or not you’ve ever used a handwriting examiner before, Ms. Joseph will help you find answers using forensics.

When you choose Ms. Joseph as your forensic handwriting and/or document examiner, you will have:

  • A certified expert; Ms. Joseph is the only double board certified handwriting and document examiner in the Pacific Northwest
  • Options for arranging terms of service / billable time and charges
  • A recognized and court qualified expert; both state and federal

When you need answers about a signature that just doesn’t look right, or other suspicious document matters, Ms. Joseph is here to assist. 


To help resolve your dispute and get realistic proof for your case, certain forensic evidence in a person’s handwriting can serve as compelling testimony in the courtroom and/or for your situation.

Find out if: 

  • A signature is genuine or has been falsified
  • A document been altered
  • A certain suspect wrote an anonymous note
  • A collectible item is genuine or fake

The proper forensic evaluation of your evidence is extremely important. I am dedicated to providing thorough and reliable forensic service in accordance with applicable standards in the ASTM E-30 Forensic Science Committees.

Clients include:

  • Attorneys and Legal Department Staff
  • Human Resources Managers
  • Business Owners and Contractors
  • Insurance Professionals
  • School Administrators
  • Managers of Retail/Shopping Centers
  • Hospital Executives
  • Property Managers
  • Doctors, Dentists, Medical Professionals
  • And others