Handwriting is forensically unique, and just a few details from handwriting samples can be compelling evidence in a courtroom or business environment.  Find out how to regain peace of mind when you or your client has been made a victim or when you need help with a situation involving questionable handwriting or altered documents.

My Forensic Specialties:

Analyze Documents, including:

  • altered documents, counterfeited or falsified documents
  • copy machine images
  • erasures or obliterated writing
  • ink analysis to determine when an entry was made
  • indented images made from an impression on a previous page
  • pages that have been inserted or replaced into a file
  • falsified entries

Analyze Handwriting, such as:

  • cursive or printed writing
  • disguised handwriting
  • handwritten numbers

Analyze Anonymous Notes

Examine Memorabilia, including:

  • sports items
  • historical artifacts

Examine Defamatory Graffiti on any surface

My Professional Services:

Expert and rebuttal witness
Written reports
Illustrations and demonstration of evidence to show proof
Evidence evaluation
(to determine the merit of a claim or case)

Need a Speaker?

If you need a speaker for your event, I can provide a custom presentation during which I will illustrate how handwriting can be used to identify a person involved in legal disputes, how people try to forge and alter written documents for their own purposes, as well as how to protect one’s self from becoming a victim of forgery.

If you have an idea of your own for a topic, let’s talk about it. The following are a few examples of popular presentations and topics:

  • Protect your Signature to Prevent Identity Theft: Learn practical tips while examining your own signature
  • How Your Handwriting Identifies You: What features a forensic document examiner looks for
  • Discover “Who Done It” by Finding Out “Who Wrote It”
  • Actual stories from my case file
    • False confession note revealing a crime
    • Horses stolen with a falsified title
    • Grandpa’s estate stolen with a forged will signature
    • Swindling a widow: a case of elder abuse
    • Identifying the mistress in a nasty divorce
    • Tonya Harding and the Dumpster note
    • The Unabomber’s handwriting

My speaking fees are negotiable depending on the location of the event, size of the audience, etc.  Please call me (503-227-3411) to make arrangements.

Although the topic of crime is very serious, these presentations are intended to be entertaining and an informative introduction to what many find to be the fascinating profession of forensic document examination.

If You Need Content for your Newsletter:

I am happy to provide an article for your organization’s newsletter covering one of my speaker topics, including illustrations and examples.  Call (503-227-3411) or email me (info@jjhandwriting.com) to discuss the details.