Investigate Anonymous Writing in the Workplace

It can be alarming, on multiple levels, when you have to confront the suspicion of employee misbehavior, harassment, or other possible illegal acts in the workplace. Your situation may involve anonymous notes; altered or misrepresented workplace records or forms; harassment, threats, or graffiti.

To get started rebuilding a sense of security within your organization, please call me for a confidential consultation.  I can help you determine “Who Wrote It?” while also clearing the innocent of suspicion and restoring peace.

I will provide a thorough forensic examination, my reliable opinion, and a written report of my findings, if needed.  All of these may be useful to help you:

  • take action, resulting in resolution
  • obtain a confession and stop serial occurrences
  • prevent similar or copycat incidents
  • avoid a lawsuit
  • have evidence for employee termination
  • stop gossip and get business back to normal
  • provide validity to wronged parties

For more details about my 20+ years of experience and my credentials, please review my My Resume.

For the Record: Please don’t confuse my field of document and handwriting forensics with the work of graphologists and handwriting analysts.  My forensic work:

  • does not analyze personalities for hiring decisions
  • cannot provide a basis for job interviews or recruitment
  • will not help provide insights for skill assessment and/or promotion

If you are asking about Character Graphology, it is not my specialty. My specialty is working with handwriting to determine authorship in a forensic capacity based on human pattern identification.