What it Takes to Know the Truth

Be reassured, whether or not you’ve ever used a handwriting examiner before, Ms. Joseph will help you find the truth using forensics.

When you choose Ms. Joseph as your forensic handwriting and document examiner you will:

  • Know what to do next
  • Obtain a credentialed expert opinion (Ms. Joseph is the only double board certified handwriting and document examiner in the Pacific Northwest)
  • Have options for arranging terms of service / billable time and charges
  • Have a recognized and court qualified (federal state and local) expert

What it takes to know the truth about a signature that just doesn’t look right…

Discovering the truth about whether or not a signature is forged requires a process of comparing known signature samples (“exemplars”) with the questioned signature. After Ms. Joseph evaluates your evidence, she will provide you with more information to know what to do next.