Professional Growth and Development 2017 Update

The Program Committee for the 2017 Continuing Education Symposium of the National Association of Document Examiners (NADE) invited me to present a poster session to their international delegation of forensic experts in New Orleans, LA in May 2017.

My poster session title:

Using Test Plates to Identify Writing Implements From Their Ink Patterns

The number of pens available to writers today is vast. The ability to provide information about the implement used to execute a questioned entry may be paramount for a forensic document examiner.

In developing my test plates, I familiarized myself with ink patterns from various pens that included the entry-to-the-paper pattern, the pattern occurring in the curved line and the exit-the-paper pattern. I provided my list of test plate terminology, the 22 test plates and the pen specifics as handouts on the conference flash drive.

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