Discover My World of Forensic Investigations

Handwriting and document forensics have been my specialty and passion for over 20 years. I continue to be fascinated by this work…no two cases are ever alike!

Forensics can be used to help people protect their assets, their reputation, and their peace of mind. My consultations combine handwriting expertise and forensic science in order to find the truth about who wrote, or who didn’t write something suspicious, malicious, libelous or otherwise disturbing.

The stroke of a pen, as in a falsified signature on a last will and testament can move an entire estate into the hands of an unintended individual. Over the years, I have helped thwart many such attempts. A memorable case involved a bill of sale and title to a valuable horse. The forensic evidence was proof that the title had been falsified and the horse’s owner got to keep his horse.

Regarding one’s reputation, in the workplace or in the family, I’ve examined:

  • A handwritten anonymous note composed by an office tattletale that included slanderous and damaging comments about the target, saying that she was having an affair with a manager.
  • A falsified accounting record exposing a thief who pocketed the cash.
  • A love note discovered by the husband, addressed to his wife yet signed by the “other guy.”

Peace of mind can be restored after the culprit is identified and the truth is revealed.

In order to identify the writer using forensics, I carefully measure the handwriting, the spaces between the letters/words, the relative position of the words to the baseline, and I look for unusual pen lifts (See: Glossary on my website). These observations become the basis, in the comparison process, for forming my opinion. Then I may be called to testify as an expert witness.

Recently, during a trial, I was the rebuttal witness. I revealed precisely how the opinion of the opposing handwriting expert was unreliable due to his errors. This assisted my client-attorney in an attack on cross-examination.

Free downloads and tools are available on my website to help you with your case involving document forensics.

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